Healing for Damaged Emotions

A review by Daisy J. Serrano, Library Member & Contributor

Is there anyone not damaged somehow by past events or perceived wrongs in their life? Seamands provides insights on damaging emotions, among them depression, low self-esteem, perfectionism, anger, and resentment. He dispels the myth that damaged emotions only happen to those who are not true Christians by providing biblical proofs that men of faith Elijah (1 Kings 19:4), Jonah ((Jonah:3), and Jesus Christ (Matt 26:38) were also depressed. We are urged to share our deepest needs by answering the question, “What is it in your life that keeps you from doing your best for Jesus Christ?” Our answer will help us understand where we need healing and recovering or reconstructing our self-esteem and understand the difference between “the real me” and the “super me”. Damaged emotions are scars that affect our relationships with others, how we view ourselves, and the way we look at life, God, and others. Dr. Seamands deals specifically with the special care and prayers necessary for damaged emotions and unhealed memories. Biblical principles with scriptures lead us to a place of healing and hope through the Holy Spirit. By studying God’s word in context, with the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts, we are able to nurture a personal relationship with God. We place our hope in God to help us overcome our struggles. This informative, practical book shares how to move from being crippled by emotions to experiencing wholeness. It is suitable whether you are the hurting person or walking alongside someone who is deeply hurting. The hurting person needs somebody who sees and understand his pain and hurt; the one walking alongside understands the pain and is sensitive to the damaging emotions the hurting person is going through. All of us are damaged in one way or another, some more severely than others. This book helps us receive healing and in turn, helps us in healing others. Thank God for the trial in your life and place your hope in Him. He is faithful and his mercy is new every morning (Lam 3:22-24).