Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God

A review by Daisy Serrano, Library Member and Contributor

Does God speak to us today? How do I discern whether it is really His voice? What are the practical guidelines on how to listen to God’s voice? What if God wants to have that kind of a conversational relationship with us? What if God wants to give us guidance on specific areas of our life? This book acknowledges that God continues to speak to His people today and provides us a practical guide on how to listen and hear God’s voice. It brings clarity and Christ-centered wisdom to the matter and encourages all believers to live a life talking with God. Hearing God is about having a conversational relationship with God to seek guidance for very specific circumstances in our lives. Although the Bible is full of the wisdom of God and all the principles by which God wants us to live, the Bible cannot provide us specific answers on whom we should marry, the career to pursue, how many kids to have, and other areas where we could use guidance. This book connects many spiritual principles together. The first half of the book is mostly a defense of the idea that God continues to speak to His people. The second half of the book is a practical guide to hearing God. Why should God speak to us? Willard relates how most people find the idea of God speaking to us strange. However, when God speaks, He communicates with us. He expresses his mind, His character and his purposes. Moreover, Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. The Bible is also God’s Words for us. Since we live in a world where exchange of thoughts and ideas are frequent and prevalent, it is quite easy to forget to spend time with God. Start now to talk with God until it becomes a daily habit. How do we know what we hear is not from Satan? The Bible is full of God’s wisdom that we never contradicted, even if the cultural aspects may be by-passed at times. Hearing God hopes to prove to us that we can surely count on the Holy Spirit (the still small voice) to speak to us whenever it is appropriate. It is thus important for us to cultivate a close, personal relationship with God and to rely on His divine guidance. God has given us His infallible Word, the Bible. All we need to know for life and godliness, and even how to make the most important decisions in our lives are found here. Spend time with the Bible. Highly recommended.