SDG Resources

The Library and SDG ministries of UCM have collaborated to support you in your role as a Small Discipleship Group Leader by making a variety of resources readily available.

This includes your personal, annual membership to the Library and expanded borrowing privileges.


Multiple copies – Multiple copies may be borrowed beyond the regular rule that only 5 books may be borrowed at a time. However, there will be a limit of only 5 titles at a time, regardless of number of copies.

Extended borrowing time – Books may be borrowed for one month instead of the regular two weeks, and may be renewed for another month even without bringing the books to the library. Borrowers just need to inform Rhon so she may renew the transaction. If you must extend beyond two months, please set a return date with Rhon upon checkout.

Please note the following:

Reserve Section – These expanded privileges apply only to the books in the Reserve Section for Small Groups, as they have been budgeted and selected intentionally for use in the small group activities. Regular rules apply to books in general circulation, even when the borrowers are small group leaders.

Fines – Regular Library policies apply to all fines and penalties.

Authorization – Other group members are not authorized to check out material and will not be permitted to, even on your behalf, without an authorization letter signed by you.  Your help is requested to make this point clear to your group members if questions arise.

First time users, please plan for a 15 minute orientation in person with Rhon.  You will need to complete minor paperwork to access your library card (a photo is helpful), and to register with the online Destiny account.

Do you have questions about your official SDG Leadership status? Please check with the SDG Coordinator.  Thank you for understanding our need to maintain an official, updated list of SDG Leaders, and for helping us to facilitate this.