World Homeschooling Month @ UCM Library

In honor of World Homeschooler’s Day, the Library at UCM  invites all homeschoolers to celebrate homeschooling with us next month! We have two events:

June 3: Homeschooler’s Portfolio Exhibit

June 17: Homeschooling Talks

The HOMESCHOOLER’S PORTFOLIO EXHIBIT will run from June 3 until the end of July. You can submit your homeschooling portfolio at the library on May 31 (10am to 3pm) or you can assemble your board there on the day, along with other homeschoolers. Your portfolio submissions can be on ½ illustration board. It can be one big project or a collection of small projects. To participate, just SIGN UP HERE (open until May 27).

The June 17 HOMESCHOOLING TALKS event will feature resource speakers for different learning methods and philosophies for families interested in exploring homeschooling! The event will start from 1pm until 5pm, and light refreshments will be provided. Registration @P100 – just register at this link.