Christ + City: Why the Greatest Need of the City Is the Greatest News of All

A review by Daisy J. Serrano, Library Member and Contributor

What are the questions being asked by churches in the face of rapid global urbanization? Why are we seeing an emphasis and a focus toward urban ministry? Is our view of cities simplistic? Will the urban generation rise up to the challenge of spreading the gospel in the cities? Will our proclamation of King Jesus serve to unite Christians? This well-written thoroughly Biblical book provides the answers to these questions and more. It highlights God’s special love for cities. It espouses that a new generation of Christians who are passionate about seeing the kingdom of God everywhere will take root and flourish. They will thrive in some of the darkest, yet most strategic places on earth. This book is divided into four parts: 1) Foundations of City Understanding, 2) God’s Heart for the City – How Cities Change, 3) Issues in City Living – Learning to Thrive in the City, and 4) Strategic Principles and Actions – Reaching the City. This book inspires the reader to be part of what God is doing in cities. It covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from ambition and sex to ethnicity and children. All these are added together with Biblical insight and 21st century relevance. In this Gospel-centered book, Dennis combines the faithful exposition of central Biblical texts with wise pastoral guidance. His goal is to help people who love, work, serve and worship in urban communities to honor God’s redeeming purposes for the city. Is our view of the city simplistic? Is it overly positive or overly negative? Dennis helps us answer these questions with clear Biblical discussions and straightforward applications. This will encourage us to have Godly aspirations and zeal for the Gospel. In Christ + City, he calls the church not to an Exodus (out of the city) but to a Gospel -driven Eisodus (back into the city). His years of experience, knowledge of the modern city, and the writings of urban philosophers allows him to give us a book that is radically Biblical, prophetic, and visionary. This book contains the essential strategy for world evangelization as an answer to the cry of global urban Christians. They desire a radical, Gospel-centered Christianity to spread from city to city and to unreached areas beyond. Highly recommended.