Through The Eyes Of A Lion

A review by Daisy Serrano, Library Member and Contributor

Why does God allow suffering? Are tragedies and other life’s challenges inevitable part of our journey in life? Are we supposed to find meaning in tragedy and rationalize why it happened to us? Why should the godly people suffer more than anyone else? Where is God when we really need Him? Her parents called her Lenya Lion with her ferocious personality and thick, long hair like a lion. Her unexpected death five days before Christmas after an asthma attack devastated her parents. Her father, Pastor Levi Lusko, wrote this book to teach us how to look beyond the grief, how to hurt with hope, and look at the things we cannot see but will last forever. It is an amazing testimony on faith, hope and love, and how to live each day with hope because Jesus rose again. It was both a painful and cathartic experience for Levi to write about love, life, death, and God. Their faith strengthened the family, drawing them closer during the painful time after her death. The insights he gained from this tragedy will both inspire and challenge you. Ask Jesus to turn off the dark (sins) in your heart and be transformed from the inside out. The book talks about the way he handled his trials. His journey to set up a church in Montana was against the advice of his friends but he felt he would be disobedient to God if he did not preach the gospel there. Looking back, it was easy to see the fingerprints of God as He unfolded his plan to bless him and the Fresh Life Church. By seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, his church is blessed a thousand fold (Mt 6:33). This book changes old acronyms to something else for believers. For example, “Rest in Peace” or RIP over a grave takes a new meaning as “Raised in Power”. This book is not only for those who have lost a loved one but for all who have suffered some loss and are now walking without God beside them. It is also for those who feel truly happy and fulfilled in their lives to prepare them for the inevitable challenges that will come their way. Highly recommended.

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