Prodigals and Those Who Love Them

A review by Daisy Serrano, Library Member and Contributor

Prodigals are often thought of as teenage boys when in reality, prodigals are not limited in gender, race, age, or color. Prodigals share one or two things in common: they spend money recklessly or leaves home and behaves abominably, but eventually, they repent and return home. However, some people believe that the prodigals’ uncontrolled actions do not happen in just one day nor because they don’t love us. Something happened in their lives that made them hate themselves and resort to drugs. Those who wait for the return of a loved prodigal are reassured by Bible stories, especially on God’s sovereignty, just like Bill Graham. Well known missionaries Bill and Ruth Graham raised and disciplined their children in love instead of spoiling them with bribes or gifts. And yet, when their son was a teenager, he got hooked in alcohol and drugs, eventually leaving home. Throughout this difficult period, Ruth kept on praying for him and encouraged everyone to pray with faith and thanksgiving for their wayward child. She learned to spend time worshipping God for who and what He is. She shared her heart with those who love someone who had gone astray. The mothers may not know where their prodigal children are but Ruth reassured them that God knows where they are and shall restore the prodigal child to his family at the right time. She also learned that “worship and worry cannot live in the same heart: they are mutually exclusive’’ (p.40). A mother wrote that her son has continuously been away for over 10 years now but he has never been considered a lost man by God. God knows where the son is at any moment. Another mother with a wayward child wrote that the book helped her pray with faith for her prodigal son. She never felt alone in her fear and grief. Before she finished reading the book, her prodigal son returned together with his girlfriend. This honest and down-to-earth book brings hope, encouragement and comfort to the parent with a wayward child. There is indeed a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Note: The name of Bill and Ruth Graham’s son was not mentioned in this book for his privacy and protection. In 1994, Bill Graham talked to his son about the direction of his life in 1994. Soon after, his son decided to be born again after reading the 3rd chapter of the gospel of John. He prayed for the attendees at the Republican National Conventions in 1996 and 2000. Highly Recommended.

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