It’s NOT About ME

A review by Daisy Serrano, Library Member and Contributor.

Are you wrapped up on your personal ambitions and goals such that your entire life revolves around you being number one in the workplace? That your aspiration to make a name for yourself takes precedence over spending time with God and your family? What happens when you continue to feel inadequate in spite of achieving your goal? What will you do when you realize that maintaining your goal requires more than 90% commitment to your work to the detriment of family and personal time? This book truly reflects its title, “It’s Not About Me”. If you have been wrapped up in your own struggles, read this book to remind you that God created us to bring other people back to Christ. Whatever we are going through has a purpose, which is discussed in detail in this book. This book is full of Biblical teachings which are easy to read, and provide us a fresh perspective on how to live for and be with Christ. It challenges us to model the life of Christ when we realize that we exist to live for God and not for ourselves. God plays a central role in the Bible, in our lives, in our work, and everything else. The keen insights on how to live a Christ-centered life make us more loving to others and lessen our focus on ourselves, especially on things that do not directly affect us. As we become less self-centered, God begins to play a more important role in our lives. We will no longer fear evil – indeed if God is for us, who can be against us. Joy, love, fulfillment, abundance, and holiness begin to fill our lives. This book allows us to view the Christian walk with a new perspective. Regardless of your life’s situation or circumstances, when we lay aside our personal goals and ambition and instead focus on God’s light to shine on us one day at a time, our spiritual understanding of God is strengthened. Does God love us? Behold the answer on the cross. However, since we live in a “me” centered culture, it may be difficult to accept that only God is to be honored and glorified, regardless of your life’s situation and circumstances. This book explains how the Bible (God’s Word) continues to be the single whole authoritative source for our lives. It reminds us that our life is about God and how He plans to use us for His glory. How sweet it will be to hear Jesus saying to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. A Study Guide found at the back of the book presents questionnaires for each of the 14 chapters. The questions are further subdivided into Beholding and Reflecting questions. Highly recommended.

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