Making Peace with Your Past By H. Norman Wright

A review by Anna Jean Marie Bañas, Library Volunteer

Our inner child affects the way we live at present, and this child will continue to do so. The point made here is that our inner child may be the past we need to make peace with.

The book starts with a discussion of the different factors contributing to the development of the inner child. Naturally, there is emphasis on the treatment given by the immediate family, especially the parents and their attitudes, and how the individual as a child reacts to it. Terminologies are not overwhelming and could easily be followed. As that introduction to the inner child is done, challenges to changing are also addressed. Several examples are given as to how a past experience becomes manifest and how this manifestation affects everyone, even without them necessarily knowing where such patterns of belief and behavior come from. Possible methods on how to mitigate and solve the problem areas are given. God’s importance is not forgotten in all these, especially in how believers are supposed to address the (broken) inner child, and how healing from God can start.

Furthermore, resentment and rejection are addressed as they can indicate how our inner child is. In this, forgiveness is important as this changes the response we have. Also, guidance and strength from Jesus Christ help the individual. Another issue tackled is perfectionism in that it can ruin the way we interact in this world. Along with over coercion and overindulgence, which are all rooted in our childhood due to how our parents brought us up, these parental attitudes may find their way in how we deal with people, situations, and ourselves at present. Ways in how to break away from these patterns of acting or thinking are also explained. Questions to facilitate self-evaluation and steps to change the problem(s) stemming from our inner child, our past, are presented. 

Each section is properly explained in terms that are easily understood. The examples and situations given are relatable. The groundedness, trust and faith believers have to have in God cannot be overemphasized. It is not so much as a self-help book as it is a reminder that in all our past and present brokenness, God is there to restore us, especially when we allow him to. This book addresses many questions, presents explanations, and gives good examples, drawing from both experiences and Scripture.

Michigan: Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, c1985/ Manila: Lighthouse Inspirational Books & Gifts, Inc., c.2016. 201 p. ISBN 978-971-834-362-3.

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