For Love’s Sake

A Film Review by Chet Tan, Library Volunteer

The moment I heard the character of Peter Walker, played by Richard Brimblecombe, explain to his son, James, played by William Wenlock, that becoming a Christian is not about being good, but submitting to Jesus, I knew this film was going in the right direction. “For Love’s Sake” depicts the struggles of a Christian family that is persecuted for their beliefs. However, this is not a period piece about the martyrdom of the early Church, but a drama set in 1970’s England.

Our protagonist is Mary Walker, a recently widowed mother of two young boys. Right out of the gate, the challenges of her situation are obvious, and the viewer would not be faulted for expecting this movie to be about how our Christian hero struggles with single parenthood amidst tragic loss. Except this film is not about that, as Mary’s depression makes caring for her children impossible at the outset, and eventually leads to her sons being taken away from her. Her efforts to pick herself up and get her children back leads to a steady stream of opposition, some of which presents a unique challenge and an unexpected twist.

Admittedly, the film has a low-budget feel, but this did not detract from its impact. If anything, it drove home the real world feel of the movie, which is appropriate, since the DVD’s packaging indicates that it is based on a true story.

The acting is not spectacular, but then a spectacle would not have been appropriate. Claire Walkington’s portrayal of Mary is understated, as she slowly rouses from her helplessness to a restrained determination when she resolves to bring her children home. William Wenlock and Luke Foxall, the latter playing older son Paul Walker, subtly show us the simplicity of how children would cope with these kinds of trials, devoid of unrealistic hysterics or drama, but from two very different perspectives.

The Walker family’s refusal to compromise their beliefs is nothing short of heroic. If you have ever assumed that Christians in the developed world don’t suffer for their faith, then consider “For Love’s Sake.”

Director: Andrew Walkington
Distributor (Philippines): Heartshaper Video, c2016.

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